It may seem as if it is the work of a single hero.
There is, however, a group of thousands of crypto veterans who met in 2017.
On the surface, their collaboration seems to be the work of a single superhero.
You may call him Melouny, but heโ€™s a bit of an enigma. As a consequence, no one knows his real name. Melouny couldnโ€™t comprehend NFT digital art when it first became famous. Why are the photos so expensive? Isnโ€™t it true that I can save them for free? But then enlightenment struck, and he witnessed the dawn of a new age of digital art. So, he wonders, how do you participate? There was a clear definition. What is the most significant event in crypto history? Obviouslyโ€ฆ it all began at the beginning.

As a result, the first model for NFT memorabilia was conceived. Genesis Bitcoin was the very first bitcoin.
What exactly is it?
Is it true that Satoshi Nakamoto, the rightful owner of the first bitcoin, is unable to spend it?
What is the explanation for this?
He wonโ€™t do it because he doesnโ€™t want to?
Is that that he isnโ€™t alive?
Has the genesis addressโ€™s private key been lost?
No, itโ€™s not true.
Since the genesis bitcoin would not shift even though Satoshi signs the bitcoin transfer with his correct private key. Because a bitcoin wallet software does not recognize the genesis bitcoin.
What really is going on here?
The first genesis block contains the genesis bitcoin, which isโ€ฆ external to the blockchain database.

I made a mistake. The genesis block is not part of the blockchain database since it is a hard-coded starting point. And the wallet just searches the blockchain database for bitcoins.
This means that the total bitcoin supply is lacking 50 BTC of genesis bitcoin.
What a squandering of perfectly usable bitcoin. Who will come to the rescue?

Of course, itโ€™s our mysterious superhero!

As a result, the concept of NFT memorabilia has been expanded to include the possibility of substituting the value of the โ€œnon-existentโ€ genesis bitcoin. To regain the profit that has been lost and return it to circulation.

And itโ€™s all basically freeโ€ฆ yeah, a superhero has hundreds of starving children, so it canโ€™t be absolutely free, right? To tell you the truth, itโ€™s very expensiveโ€ฆ But, hey, owning this epic piece of history would make you feel so good on the inside. Isnโ€™t there no way to place a price tag on that? What do you mean? Is it too costly? Shut up, Iโ€™m working on a moving scene about saving childrenโ€ฆ
No way!
What exactly is it?

Genesis Bitcoin was thrown into OpenSea by an evil villain. You must locate it using binoculars and rescue it from the cold waterโ€ฆ into your MetaMask app. It will be safe and comfortable there. You, too, are a hero! ;-)

A New Era Is About To Begin
Anyone will now own a piece of historyโ€™s most important events. Cryptography and blockchain technology have allowed us to create non-fungible digital artwork originals whose authenticity can be checked without the use of a central authority and which cannot be faked.
The NFT token in the context is what gives the digital artwork its uniqueness. The NFT token, which cannot be duplicated, is the true source of value. NFT and artwork work in complete harmony, and without one another, they are essentially meaningless. They have a combined value that will increase over time.

Digital art may have properties assigned to it in addition to its shape. Itโ€™s even capable of interacting with other forms of art.
The time of the NFTโ€™s formation is permanently recorded in an immutable blockchain. The age of the NFT can always be checked with accuracy. There is a tiny window of opportunity to own the NFT from the very beginning of the modern digital art revolution right now and only now. The majority of collectors will totally miss this opportunity.
You can freely buy and sell NFT-backed digital artwork. The digital art market is not restricted to a few locations; anyone with access to the internet will participate.



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